Thursday, September 14, 2017

going through changes

going through changes

Well, if this wasn't the pits.

G.B didn't leave nothing in Brick's room. She'd wiped it clean. Not a bed nor a desk in sight. No reminder that Brick ever existed here. She was busy painting the walls in a dark gray.

Brick made a face of disgust. He didn't like it.

"Oh, its more of a grownup color," she said as she slid the back of her hand across her sweaty forehead, while getting more paint on the roller.

"Don't over do it." Brick told her she might end up at the hospital.

"I'm just fine." She pressed an even lip and went on with her painting.

"So what are YOU gonna do in here, since..since I have to stay at Mom's now?" He glared at her. She better not make a sewing room in here for that friend of hers, thought Brick.

"I dunno. Guest room, I suppose." She rolled another line of paint on the wall next to the dark coat, already there.

"Who are you expecting?" Brick squinted hard, thinking she'd been on another one of those dating sites, again. She talked about dating, but never did. "You, gonna move your boyfriend in here."

"If I were..he'd be staying in my room," Betty said, as she looked back at him. "Don't you, think?"

Brick cringed at the thought, his grandmother naked with some old naked man. It was enough to make him want to throw up.

Brick pressed his lips tight, trying to keep himself from a fret. He didn't want to leave here. This was the place he and Lily could hang out, on the weekends. There was Nebraska Husker football to watch and places to go with her grandmother, as well as his grandmother.

But..they were both grounded now. He hardly got to call her... but maybe once a week. This was really killing him. Especially, when they'd done nothing wrong, but see the eclipse (way back in August).

He'd wanted to tell G.B. that grownups like her were worried for nothing, about him and Lily. He wanted to tell her to worry about herself. Did she ever worry about herself? Never, he thought.

What if she needed him? Dewey certainly wasn't going to do a thing for her. He was way busy with high school football and his girlfriend Angie. At least, he and Lily cared about her and Lily's grandmother.

"I even took the curtains to the new place. You'll see..your room is just the same." Betty told him.

He didn't believe her. Nothing was the same. He was living with his mom now, even if it was a few houses down from here. It felt like a lifetime away.

But he knew that look of hers. She wanted him to be brave. It meant, he couldn't complain.