Friday, September 15, 2017

New beginnings

new beginnings

Tiffany did her best to imagine what Brick's room looked like back at her Mom's. Funny, how she wished she'd taken pictures now. But it seemed so long ago that she'd actually been to his room.

Yes, there were times, at night that she checked on him..even when she didn't live with her Mom. It would be dark, and she'd watch him sleep.

She knew she was the worst mother ever. How could she ever make up for that? She hated that she'd let someone like Brick's father make her so pitiful. Only, that was over now. She knew she shouldn't dwell on it. She and Gordy were together now, and there was a future in their new family.

If only she knew how to make things better with Brick. She heard the front door close and by the steps in the livingroom, she knew Brick was home.

"You're here." She did her best to smile as she smoothed down his pillow on his bed.

He leaned in the doorway, as if he didn't care anything about his new room.

"Can Lily come over?" He wanted to know.

"I'll..I'll see what I can do." She knew it was best not to start a disagreement with him. "I'll call her Mom. I'll order pizza."

"But..but I want us to make our own." He told her.

"Fine. Just what do you have in mind?" She looked at him, blankly. These were things he did with his grandmother. How was she ever going to be the domestic goddess, like her mother.

"We just use that box kind and add Canadian bacon and pineapple. I know, Gordy just likes cheese." He nodded as if he was glad she would do this for him.

"All right." She nodded as if she'd do what ever he wanted.

"You know, Gran Betty, is turning my room into a guest room," Brick said. "You, don't think she'd start a bed and breakfast, do you?"

"I doubt it. She'll probably get tired of it and do nothing." Tiffany thought she knew her pretty well.

Just then her phone jingled. It was a text from Brit.


Tiffany winced. She didn't know when Brit was in the hospital the first time.

"What's the matter?" Brick looked at Tiffany as if she might be keeping secrets.

"Just your Aunt Brit." She shrugged. "I guess the baby is coming." No way was she rushing to the hospital to see about her.