Tuesday, September 19, 2017

on an ordinary day

on an ordinary day

"I like it here." Omaha decided, with his hands half-way in the front of his jeans pockets. Yes, this was where he wanted to move, too. It wasn't too far from Taylor's(his best friend) and there was Carmen's house (his late best friend from high school), he could see down the street. It was a good location.

He looked over at Sheena who looked a little indifferent. He hadn't been concerned about new windows, flooring or siding. These were things Sheena told him he should look for.

"Well..its not a dump." He told her. Didn't she see they weren't going to give him a brand new house, down at the bank. He wasn't that fortunate, but this was definitely in their means. "The fridge is new. And that stove..did you see the stove?" The kitchen was top notch and the bathroom had been redone..sort of.

"But the basement..is so creepy." She hugged herself as if a ghost might live in it.

"Its not that bad." He winced as he imagined mowing the lawn, putting things in the detached garage. They could park in the alley. Off street parking. Wasn't that good? "We could finish it." Maybe going to the washer and dryer was like going into a barn. And the basement steps were steep. "Maybe, we could just buy one of those apartment kind of washer and dryers and put it in the bathroom in the master bedroom."

"Who would do stuff like that?" She wasn't sold on any of this.

"We do, that's who." He winced back at her.

"Oh, Omaha." She shook her head.

"You know, I'm not a millionaire." He reminded her, "And, you, still found a way to love me, anyway."

"OK,"Sheena said. He hugged her tight and he grinned as if he had one the lottery. They could move in next week.

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