Tuesday, September 12, 2017

What's a sister to do

what's a sister to do

Dora could hardly contain herself. She was in love and couldn't hardly wait for her brother to meet the new man in her life.

Oh, she was giddy, but hardly felt foolish about wanting to be with Graham for the rest of her life. In fact, she'd even given up alcohol. There was so much to tell Louis.

She checked her watch. He was late. She'd hate to think he'd be late when he really did meet Graham. She sighed, knowing she shouldn't make a big deal out of the situation, but this time..she really did need him.

"Is it the Crohn's, again?" She couldn't help but ask, when he did finally arrive.

Of course, he made a face of disgust, as if she really was invading his privacy. He took a menu before the waiter could arrive and ask if he wanted anything to drink. Of course, he wanted only water, with lots of ice.

"Is this why you don't date?" She was testy, thinking he was more than a workaholic. He was always hiding in his office at the recording studio.

"Do we really need to talk about that?" He gritted, yet she knew he always tried to be pleasant, but she knew when he had abdominal pains.

"Are you OK?" She watched him, waiting for him to want to jet from the table.

"I thought, I was here to talk about this..this Graham, you won't shut up about." He looked at her, slightly peeved. "Or, you just need for me to pay for dinner?" He looked at her then, as if he knew all her financial disasters.

"You, don't have to pay for dinner." She promised, but she hoped he didn't order the shrimp and steak.

Still, she did wonder if he was really OK, these days. He didn't talk much. In fact, she hardly saw much of her brother.

"Just what have you been doing?" She wanted to know if he'd met anyone. If he was dating. She thought it would be so nice if he brought a date, especially to meet Graham.

Louis only sighed. He ordered something old people would order, baked chicken and a salad. Naturally, Dora wanted a rare T-bone and a loaded baked potato.

"What? No alcohol, tonight?" Louis finally cracked a smile.

"No. Why would I?" She ordered iced tea.

"You, must have turned over a new leaf, or something." Louis did managed to be happy for her, or so she imagined.

"You, must really love this guy." Louis said, ever so pleasant. She hated to tell him her whole romance was through nightly texting and a phone call or two on the weekend. But it was fantastic. She had never been this happy. Not this kind of amazingly wonderful happy.

"Now..if we could just find someone for you." Dora had never been concerned about it before. But suddenly, she was. She wanted her brother to be happy, too.

"I'm fine." He told her, even lipped. "I'm seriously fine D. You, just worry about yourself..and this Graham."

Louis was his solemn self, once again.

Dora's forehead wrinkled in thought, trying to imagine Louis' type. God, she hoped Graham wasn't his type.