Monday, September 11, 2017

turn it all around

turn it all around

Ste hated to go and yet, he couldn't wait for the plane to set down in Omaha. Just the word Omaha was such a foreign word on his tongue. He was used to banger and beans and other naughty words to express himself.

Now he felt like the lone wolf, thinking he'd probably be better off as a fighter in a wrestling match.

He hadn't felt so alone with Archie and Molly. He liked living there, but they had a growing family back in a village near London. It was quaint and cozy and he liked being around the baby.

His heart thumped at the idea of meeting his brother's child. He took another quick look at the baby pics Macy sent him.

Macy and Maxie. Now that was a pair.

His broad smile pushed forward, but he remembered...

1. They fussed a lot.
2. Maxie was quite the p r i c k.
3. Ste wished Macy had fallen in love with him, instead of his brother. She might be with him, right now.

He nursed his bottom lip, thinking he was an idiot. He was shy and usually did everything as if he had two fat hands that hardly moved. He was no artist baker like his brother. Yet, he could make a short bread and people said they missed it, at the bakery.

If he was going to get by, he'd have to bake. He winced hard, thinking it was quite a curse, but he'd met up with Jules' at Molly and Archie's while he was visiting his ailing mother. Jules invited him back to the states. Even paid the airfare.

Of course, Mol and Arch had to talk him into it. Molly was a friend of Jules' sister. Molly trusted Jules. She promised Ste it was an opportunity.

"You're family's there now." Molly always had a way of persuasion in that sweet smile of hers. "Just give it a try."

So here he was, in the Midwest, with only a backpack to call his own, and this long-haired fellow was waiting for him. Immediately, he knew Macy had taken up with the bloke.

Ste shivered. No way would he like him, but he'd have to follow him. Not much was said, but maybe a hello. Besides, Ste wasn't in the mood to talk.

Soon enough, he was at the flat that Macy called home. It smelled of beef stew masked with lavender and lemon to hide the baby's fowl poos.

There was a girl in the livingroom holding the little one. Naturally, Draco hugged Macy up, just to show how right they were for each other.

Ste caught a laugh in his throat.

"Macy? Why didn't you tell me, you had a little sister?" He kept his eye on the girl with the baby and then looked back at Macy, who squinted slightly.

The girl got up and shook his hand. She told him she was Gabby. Then handed over the squirming tike who looked Ste over, with his big dark eyes.

For a moment, Ste truly wondered if this was his brother's baby. Oh, he wouldn't think it. He'd have to accept it. He was an uncle, and he needed to enjoy his time here.