Sunday, September 10, 2017

think about it

think about it

Of course, Ellis didn't like the idea of anyone thinking he was dating Louis.

"That's..that's just ridiculous." His skin prickled on the back of his neck when he said it then. It bothered him now, too.

Louis just laughed. He had a soft laugh, Ellis imagined now. Trying to think of it. Trying to remember.

But as usual, he shut it down before anything could happen.

"What's so ridiculous about it?" Geo wanted to know. They finally found time to get a late dinner at the diner.

Ellis scowled with a fierce frozen face. He wanted his friend to shut up.

"You, should try it." Geo shrugged. "It could be fun." That pathetic little smile of his... only made Ellis scowl more.

"When are you ever going to go out on a date?" Geo asked and bit a fry. The next one he dipped in ketchup and ate and then another. "Oh, right..I forgot. You're cheap."

"Cheap?" Ellis looked at him as if he was ready to spit his burger at him. He sighed, ever so angry, and slammed down the half eaten mustard burger.

He'd lost his appetite. Geo ordered a chocolate sundae.

"We can share," Geo said as he got ready for the treat. "Melissa and I share...pie..all the time. Lots of time, we order for one and share." His sheepish grin was back, as if Ellis was missing something from his life.

Ellis rubbed his forefinger across his lips.

"I bet your lips never get chapped." Geo shrugged and spooned the gooey crunchy mess of ice cream. He gave Ellis the first bite.

Ellis wanted to resist, but how long had it been since he'd had ice cream? Since grade school?

He ate the sweet creamy bite.

Seriously, he couldn't see himself doing this with Louis. Ellis winced. No, he would not be dating anyone. But he did miss going out with Geo. Yes, he missed the going out part.


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