Thursday, September 7, 2017

winter is coming

winter is coming

"It just gets worse." Uncle Rowdy shook his head. He was ready to give up on Bree, when he found out about the fight at school. They drove back home in silence.

Naturally, she stomped up to her room and slammed the door shut.

"Maybe, its not that bad." Connor wasn't full of information about Bree's fight at school. After all, he was out distant running when it happened.

Rowdy had let Connor move in. Of course, Connor had his own room. Rowdy watched those two like a hawk.

"Its that bad." Rowdy looked Connor in the eye. "When has she ever been a fight before?" He reminded Connor that Bree had ran away this summer. "Don't you know what that did to us, at home?"

Naturally, Connor was full of apologies.

"But she was with me." That had to count for something. Connor did look trustworthy. Rowdy did like the teenager, who would graduate, come May.

Rowdy sighed. He didn't know, anymore. It was all so troubling.

"She'll have to be grounded." Rowdy didn't know what else to do. "Besides, her dad will be moving back home, next month."

"Back home?" Connor looked at him as if that was odd.

"Yes, here." Rowdy didn't want to talk about it. But Bree's dad would be out of prison soon. "She needs to wake up and smell the coffee. We got a lot to do, before then."

Connor nodded.

Rowdy knew there would be some changes, but he knew he had to let Connor stay. His parents were on a tough love kick. They didn't want to be responsible for him, anymore.