Friday, September 8, 2017

picking up the sword

picking up the sword

At least, there was the library.

Ivy felt as if she would never hear the end of it. How could she get in a fight at school? What was wrong with her parents? Did they ever really listen to her?

She hadn't meant to give Will an earful, but she brought him dinner. It was the least she could do.

She wanted to thank him for stepping in before she got in a fist fight with Bree. Instead, she talked about how she should have been at an all girl's Catholic school, but she'd failed miserably there, and her brother was already at the University.

Naturally, he didn't say much. He shoveled in the bibimbap and spring rolls as if there was no tomorrow.

They were outside at the picnic table near the back of the library. There was a chill of fall, finally in the air. Still, Ivy felt as if she'd lost everything. No more dates with Ollie. She was limited at the library of only 45 minutes. She couldn't text anyone. All she had was an old flip phone for emergencies.

"I'm sorry..I'm sorry I'm talking too much." She told him.

"You, are talking too much," Will finally said. "But its all right. Its not your fault."

Really,  Ivy felt her whole world had ended. She wanted to be with Ollie. She wanted to know where their true romance would go. Would she have.. finally... lost the one thing her mother had always wanted her to keep into ancient times, like marriage?

Ivy felt so grim, thinking she was back to being in her room, away from everything. She closed her eyes in thought.

It wasn't until she felt his arm, rest under her chin, that she realized..Will was really listening to her.

"Its gonna be OK." His whisper tickled her ear. She felt herself smile as she bit her bottom lip.

What had happened to somber Will? Who always gave everyone the silent treatment.

Ivy wavered into his warmth. It was as if all thoughts of Ollie vanished, and Ivy found a certain strength in the moonlight with Will.

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