Monday, October 23, 2017

a home to belong to

a home to belong to

Ed wished he had a hand in this with Betty. But he didn't.

He didn't know if he liked surprising Ollie. They needed to sort this out together, before it was all settled. Yet, Betty had people coming to the house. Making sure her place was livable. Would Ollie have his own room?

She'd sent Ed packed to the basement. It was a tad moist, down below the kitchen where the washer and dryer were.

"I guess, you'll have to fix that, too." She told him, but at the moment, she'd sent him down the street to help someone move into a house they'd just bought.

"Um, Betty sent me?" He introduced himself to Omaha, who looked at him kind of funny.

"Huh? What are you doing with Betty?" He wanted to know.

"I painted a room and fixed some siding." He shrugged.

"Huh." Omaha showed him where the boxes were, to be unloaded. Omaha also needed help putting up the bed and the curtains in the master bedroom.

It was a quaint little place.

Omaha told him it was his first place. He wanted to make sure he had the bedroom set up, because his fiance was working today, and he didn't want her to have to do anything.

"I need to get this done, before she gets home." Omaha went to get more boxes and furniture to unload from his truck.

"Is she a princess or something?" Ed couldn't help but joke.

"I don't think she wanted me to get the place." Omaha pushed his hands on his lower back, as if he was tired, already.

"Doesn't sound like a good start to me." Ed was certain couples needed to be on the same page about a home, if they were going to start a new life together.

"Her place was awful small." Omaha told him. "Do you know what the most important room of the house is?"

"Um, the bedroom?" He guessed since they were in it, trying to get it situated.

"The kitchen." Omaha told him.

Ed couldn't help but smile. He thought of Betty's kitchen. It was his favorite room at her house.


Katy said...

I love this so much Ellie!

Launna said...

I hope Omaha can get it set up in time, it would be nice for her to see it completed when she got home from work ...