Tuesday, October 24, 2017

home is where the heart is

home is where the heart is

Omaha still didn't know how Betty knew he needed a little help. Actually, Ed was a lot of help.

It didn't take long to get the bedroom set up. The room had the curtains from Sheena's bedroom. The bed was still the same, along with her other bedroom furniture. Thankfully, there was more room to move around in.

Yes, Omaha thought it was beginning to look like home.

They hung up all her clothes in the closet. After all, he'd wrapped most of her things in a trash bag that were still on the hanger.

"I hope she won't hate it here." Omaha told Ed about Sheena being a little put off with the old place.

"Its not like there are any ghosts here." Ed grinned. He said it looked cozy.

"You, haven't even see the kitchen yet." Omaha unloaded the pots and pans and plugged in the coffee maker, but he accidentally only made hot water.

Ed put some instant coffee crystals in the coffee cups and poured some hot water into the cups.

"So? How do you know Betty?" Omaha wanted to know.

"Met her at the grocery store," Ed said as he sipped the black coffee.

"You, work there?" Omaha looked at him blankly.

Ed said he didn't, but he probably should.  He saw a HELP sign at the deli.

"I guess she feels sorry for me." He told Omaha about the hurricane and how he felt it was time for him to take responsibility.

But the more he spoke of his teenage son, Omaha was thinking it was Betty who was taking all the responsibility.


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Ellie, I love this set! I just woke up and this made me smile so thank you!

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Home is my happy place!! Love this!

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I hope she appreciates what Omaha did for her... I think it was sweet xox