Tuesday, October 3, 2017

here and now

Sheena felt a little overwhelmed. After all, it was Omaha buying the house. They weren't buying it together.

"Its just..maybe..maybe if..if I could have gotten the finances, for it..it might be a better house." Could she say this to Omaha? Not likely.

She grimaced as she stared at her coffee. She'd met up with Xander, just to chat. After all, it had been months since they'd seen each other.

"I understand." Xander nodded. "But, but at least I won't be so far away." He talked about location. Sometimes, that was key.

"Yeah, I..I get that." She slightly sighed. Still she winced in thought. "Its just..when..when he said..oh, I can see Carmen's house from here..I ..I didn't know what to think. How, how..after all this time, can she still be on his mind."

"Omaha's a spiritual person." Xander reached for her hand to console her. Although, Sheena was sure she should be there to console him, with his mother's passing.

"I'm so..so sorry." She hesitated to say more. "Are..are you doing OK?"

Xander nodded. He told her he was thankful to have family here. "Still, she..she was the center of my life for..well, a lifetime." He was straight-lipped as if he was holding in what emotion he had in tact. "I..I wish.." He closed his eyes ever so tender. "I..I should have done more. I should have found a way to get her here." He gritted then. "I..if..if she'd only told me, how..how sick she really was."

"I would be a mess." Sheena couldn't help but speak of her own mother. "I mean, she's..she's the only family I have."

"But..but you have Omaha now." Xander told her she needed to embrace this new chapter in her life. "I hope he'll learn to share everything with you."

Sheena tried to smile, but she knew she'd have her work cut out for her. Omaha had a way of tuning her out, from time to time.


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I love this so much Hun!

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Sheena should open up to Omaha more, he won't know how she feels unless she tells him...