Wednesday, October 4, 2017

just so you know

just so you know

"You're going to homecoming?" Sunny couldn't help but look surprised. He did his best to sound upbeat for Rosie, but he really wasn't.

When had he missed his chance with her? What happened over the summer? They used to hang out together at the pool, early on, but then he ended up watching Dakota, a lot.

Not that he minded. Not that he really thought about seeing Rosie all the time..but..but now, he MISSED her.

"I know, I probably shouldn't." She shrugged as they walked home together after school. "I mean, I'm not even in high school."

Sunny nodded. He was only a freshman and Rosie was in middle school.

She sighed as if she couldn't let herself be completely happy.

"Bo asked me?" She finally confessed.

"Bo?" Sunny looked at her startled. Who was B?

"We, don't actually go out, but we text a lot." She told him. He nodded. So that's how its done.  Why hadn't he thought of that? Sunny kept listening about Rosie's summer romance.

At least, they were still friends.


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Awesome, dear!

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Awe, it seems like we wait too long and then we realize what we want and it's no longer there....