Thursday, October 5, 2017

it's the little things

it's the little things

"Why so glum?" Dakota wanted to know, when she found Sunny laying on the sofa with a bag of pretzels. He looked so tired to even eat in front of the TV.

It had been kind of weird lately, with Xander gone. Of course, she'd wanted to go to Seoul with him. After all, she knew Xander's mom. Well, the one who raised him.

But somehow, they'd managed, even with Dr. Ducky on call. Sunny had stepped up, with cooking and cleaning. But now, he was vegging in front of the TV, in his stinky socks.

"Its nothing." He moved over a little for her to scoot in. She told him those pretzels needed some cheese dip.

"You know, what Xander would say." Sunny looked at her, ever so serious.

"You let me eat it, when he was away." She drank some of his low-cal drink, which was basically carbonated water with a little bit of lime.

"Shh." Sunny woke up. Finally.

Dakota smiled and dug into the bag of pretzels.

It wasn't long until Sunny moved on to his room when he heard Xander coming in the kitchen door. He might not start his homework, but at least he would look busy. These were the little things Dakota knew.

"What's wrong with Sunny?" Xander looked hurt that Sunny hadn't stayed to say hello. He went back to put groceries away.

"Oh, he's got troubles." Dakota said as she went to help put the fresh vegetables in the fridge.

"Troubles?" Now Xander looked troubled.

"Just girl troubles." Dakota shrugged.

"How do you know?" Xander pulled his long strands of hair out of his face. He pushed his heavy black glasses in place on his nose.

"I've watched my dad, a lot." Dakota almost smirked. "I know the signs."

Xander nodded as if Dakota was just as smart as he suspected.

"You know, I really like you, in glasses." She told him.

Xander smiled.

Of course, she wouldn't dare mention why he wasn't wearing his contacts, lately. She knew he cried when he cooked. He cried when he read books. He cried even while folding clothes.

She grabbed the end of his sweater as he walked by. He looked down at her as if to ask what, but she went in for a surprise hug.

"I'm really glad you're back, you know." Dakota told him. She knew her dad might get jealous if he knew about this, but he had Liv now. And who knew, maybe their was a baby sister in the works. She'd keep praying about it, even as she squeezed Xander tight. Sometimes, she thought Xander was too good for that doctor he was married, too.

Still, she'd be here for matter what.


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I think Sunny should talk with Xander... it's nice that Dakota is there for both of them xox