Saturday, October 7, 2017

its a beautiful night

its a beautiful night


Ivy was excited about homecoming. Maybe this year was looking up, after all. True, she hadn't been in touch with many of her friends. Of course, she felt she had more friend enemies than anything, lately.

At first, she was certain she'd get a call from the Dean's office, telling her she couldn't even attend the event (due to the fight in the hall with Bree). But that hadn't happened.

Still, she was holding her breath (practically), that night, hoping Ollie didn't show up. She was so happy to be with Will.

She thought he was the best looking guy there.

Of course, it wasn't long until they bumped into Bree and Connor. Ivy felt faint. Thankfully, Will was holding her up. She felt as if she was walking on air in her high heels.

Bree smiled as if they'd never had a falling out.

Ivy couldn't speak. She'd never disliked anyone, so much as she did Bree. Yet, she could see it didn't matter much to Bree.

How could Bree be so cold?  Yet she smiled as if secret cameras were on her and she couldn't really be bothered with anyone. Bree said her hellos and went on her merry way with Connor.

"How can..she be like that?" Ivy said before she meant too.

"She's my cousin, and she loves a party." Will told her.

Ivy nodded. She knew she could love a party, too. But actually, she'd rather be just with Will. She didn't really need to be here under the strobe lights and pop music.

Soon he reminded her this was their last year of high school so they might as well enjoy homecoming.

Ivy's smile was open, as Will took her out on the dance floor. She noticed Simon was already dancing with someone.


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So lovely!

Keira said...

It's amazing, Ellie.

Launna said...

Ivy shouldn't let other people stop her from enjoying the night....