Sunday, October 8, 2017

let the good times roll

let the good times roll

Simon was so glad he'd stopped by Xander's before going to homecoming. His brother took pictures and was so happy that he was with Valentina.

Actually, Simon didn't know he could be this happy because he was making someone else happy.

Funny, after all this time, he realized maybe all those other relationships were getting him ready for this moment.

He'd accompanied girls to plenty of events in the last four years. They always asked him. Of course, he was certain they really liked him because he could easily have a crush on them. In the end, it was the same old thing. He was only an escort.

Now, he was the guy who asked the girl. And he enjoyed her laughter. Valentina was different. Maybe it was her smile. She didn't have that look..'let's get it over with'. No, she took everything in. The music. The decorations. The food.

Yes, Simon was certain of it, he needed her in his life.

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Launna said...

Awe this is sweet... I hope Valentina doesn't hurt Simon ...