Tuesday, October 10, 2017

texting verses kissing

texting verses kissing

Bo didn't want to tell Rosie that night at Homecoming, but the band could have very well played at the dance, but he didn't want too.

Besides, there were bigger and better venues for the band these days. Actually, they'd been in the studio lately, writing songs for their next CD. OK, debut. After all, all they'd put out was an EP, but it sold out, so they were working on getting at least 12 songs down.

Oh, and there was still high school.

But somehow, her uncle had let her go with him to homecoming. Bo couldn't think of a happier time. A part of him thought he might be pretty shallow, but it was cheesy stuff like this that made life fun.

After all, he was... that really skinny kid who like to play a guitar, to most everyone at school. It wasn't like anyone was asking for his autograph.

And Rosie was beautiful.

Yet, a part of him wanted to get out his phone and text her, even if she was right next to him. Funny, it didn't feel normal, not to text.

But it was all good and he had her home by midnight. Hopefully, Derrick wasn't too mad at him.

He cringed to think Derrick watched them kiss at the door.

Oh, how he'd wished he'd kissed her one more time.

Suddenly, texting wasn't nearly as fun as being that close in a lip a lock. Yes, he missed her. The texting would have to suffice until they could go out, again.


Katy said...

This is so cute and made me smile!

gabby said...

Adore the tee! Fantastic!!!💗

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Launna said...

This is so sweet... and yes kissing is better then texting xox