Wednesday, October 11, 2017

on a sad night like this

on a sad night like tonight

Did Ellis really know what he was getting in to? It was still on Louis' mind.

What was the big deal about Dora and Graham?

Louis had yet another episode with his Crohn's Disease. Louis cringed that Ellis was actually at the studio when it happened.

But he'd been rather helpful. Of course, this baffled Louis, even more. Yet, someone had been so kind to have extra clothes for him to weart and to get him to the doctor. That was the way Ellis worked. Even if sometimes, he could be a grouch about other matters, when it came to the studio.

Naturally, they'd had plenty of time to wait in the emergency room. Honestly, Louis kept thinking he was plenty pathetic, but Ellis went on, as if they should plan on going to this dinner of his sister's.

"I haven't even met your sister." Ellis told him. "I've heard plenty about her, from my friend Geo."

"Like what?" Louis wondered what Ellis knew.

"Oh, its nothing." Ellis just smiled. "She must be quite a character."

Louis winced a smiled, trying not to dwell on all the unpleasant things in his life, including his sister Dora.

"I'm glad you're here to talk, too." Ellis told Louis. "I'm not very close, with anyone."

"Except Geo." Louis reminded him.

"Well, that's changed. He has a girlfriend now, and he..he kept hounding me, that..that maybe.."

"What?" Louis looked at Ellis wondering what he was getting at, but the nurse called him, and it was left at that.

Of course, the doctor told him he needed to eat smaller meals and was he staying away from dairy? Other than that, Louis was fine.

Ellis had a bag burgers and fries waiting for him when he got out of his appointment.

Louis knew he should have probably said NO to that, but it was Ellis.

He did like spending time with Ellis. Maybe he didn't know everything, but just to be glad Ellis was here for him.

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Launna said...

Awe, I am glad Louis has Ellis as a friend... that is sweet xox