Thursday, October 12, 2017

a beautiful October

a beautiful October

"I don't want to talk about it. just a friend."

From the sound of Ellis' voice his sister Hannah knew when to shut up. She only grinned, and thanked him for coming over. She sliced the warm apple pie and handed it over.

"What's the occasion?" He then asked.

"Oh, so now you want to know?" She smiled from ear to ear. She knew Stu should be here, but naturally..he was running late with work. "Well..." She didn't really know how to make a production out of it. "Stu and I..are having a baby."

"The old fashioned way?" Ellis scowled, as if he didn't need to guess.

"Yes." She looked at him, as he could adopt, all he wanted, too. Although, she could never really imagine him with a baby. She wondered if Ellis had actually ever held one. Actually, Macy's baby was the only one she'd ever held..and it made her want a baby..even more. "We want to get married." She didn't want anything special. "We told Emmett, he could officiate."

"You told him? Before me?" Now Ellis looked peeved, but he took a bite of the warm apple pie before he could get too angry.

"Well, he is our big brother." Hannah told him. She felt he needed to know. "You were busy."

"Right." But he didn't sound as if he believed her.

"Maybe, we..we could all go out to dinner after we have the ceremony." She said they would have the wedding soon. "You, can bring Louis."

Ellis looked at her a bit perturbed, but he went back to the apple pie, without fussing. Afterwards, he asked if he could cut a piece to give to Louis.

Hannah smiled..of the possibility. Maybe her brother actually did have a boyfriend.