Friday, October 13, 2017

he's the one

he's the one

Gabby knew she should have just asked someone to take her to Homecoming. Even a freshman would do..but..she'd been rather silent about it.

A lot was on her mind these days.


Why did she have to be hung up on him..of all people?

Oh, she liked the way he looked at her..even if his sheepish grin was totally goofy..sometimes.

But she dreamed about him. And the more she thought of him..the less she could eat.

It was all so mournful and depressing. And..and just when she thought she would take it all out on Macy. Tell..her the truth about Ste...HOW HE WAS IN LOVE WITH MACY.

Macy came to the rescue.

She still didn't know what Macy said to Ste, but he offered to take her to HOMECOMING.

It was quite a tizzy..finding the dress at last minute. Even shoes. But her mom worked so hard at getting the occasion ready.

Honestly, a part of her wished she could have brought her Mom to the dance.

Yes, maybe her adopted mom... really did love her, after all.

She knew all the things were true about her mom, from Macy. And maybe she hadn't been the best Mom in the past, but Homecoming would not have been so great if it hadn't been for her mother's help.

Her mother stayed up late, the night before, taking in the gown that they'd found at the thrifting place that had a great selection of dresses for high school occasions.

Gabby wanted to ask her to teach her all these nifty sewing techniques..but Ste was on her mind. She'd wonder if he'd be a p r i c k ....after all. Perhaps, give her the silent treatment. It wasn't like he'd talked to her since, going to the library that night.

(that alone had been quite dreadful..along with the mystery boy and Ivy and of course, Will the ex, who hadn't even noticed her there. Will only had eyes for Ivy).

AND THEN..the moment arrived. Ste showing up as if he was the one to watch...not those high school kids.

It just about took Gabby's breath away.

Oh, yes..she was too far gone to go back to ever wanting to be solo again.

Yet, she did wonder if she were in BEAUTY AND THE BEAST.

Of course, she might have been the beast, in this scenario.


LGB said...

Nice passage.

Katy said...

I love the set and I sort of want to hug Gabby and tell her she isn't the Beast but the beautiful princess! Great Job Hun!!

Launna said...

Gabby is the beauty and Ste should be happy she accepted a date with him for the dance... I hope Gabby learns her worth xox