Saturday, October 14, 2017

we are young

we are young

Ollie went to bed early that night of HOMECOMING. Of course, sleep was not what he had in mind. He slipped out his bedroom window, into the the freshness of Autumn, that chilled him to the bone.

He was going to go to the gym, but when he saw security he knew it would be too risky. So he went to the park nearby, thinking his father might be out, like the lone vampire with a pack of smokes.

However, he was not in sight. Naturally, Ollie scowled with his cold hands shoved in his jacket's pockets, thinking he didn't want to see that mother....., anyway.

He was in a pout, kicking the dry leaves about. A part him knew he'd set them on fire if he had a match. But he didn't. He had nothing. Hardly, a quarter.

Just when he thought he'd get lonely in the cold, a fellow showed up.

His dreds fell around his face, and a smile shown.

"Well..well, you didn't bring a date?" His white teeth shown, all even and full of happiness.

"Huh?" Ollie wasn't sure he wanted to hang around. Maybe this stranger could be trouble.

"Kramer." He wanted to shake Ollie's hand. Ollie was hesitant, but thought..what the hell.

"I've seen you before, but you didn't notice. You, were with this girl..." Kramer started.

"So." Ollie was smug with a shrug. "It was nothing."

"Yeah, right." Kramer told him he looked pretty blue, but he said. "I know, how you feel. Had me a woman over summer. She showed me some things..I never thought possible. Of course, I didn't know she wasn't in love with me then. Women." He shook his head.

His voice cracked Ollie up. Kramer sounded like that old sailor on the Pee Wee Herman Show.

"Want to play some pool?" Kramer then said.

"Ain't go any money." Ollie winced, as he shook his head, no.

"Don't worry about it." Kramer told him he knew a place where the coffee was cheap. If they were lucky they might even get a slice of pie for free.

Ollie didn't know if he was talking about a diner or a woman, but he guessed he'd have to find out.

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Launna said...

Ollie is little too trusting... I hope it works out okay...