Sunday, October 15, 2017

the unspoken

the unspoken

Even now... Ste couldn't let it show.

It was terrible to hear Macy speak of Draco that way.

He winced hard thinking, he was just going to have to get used to it..wasn't he?

"We're getting married." Her blunt words still hurt to think on the conversation, from last week with Macy.

When she'd said it, he almost spilled his hot tea all over himself, back at Draco's apartment. He'd only came over to drop off some cookies from the bakery. A good excuse to see his namesake, baby Stephen.

The next thing he knew, he was agreeing to take Gabby to prom.

He winced harder now, remembering it was Homecoming. Honestly, he didn't know if there were much difference between the two. He never went to such non-sense when he was in school.

Didn't she know he didn't like to go to places in public? Never had. But he had to put on the best acting job he'd ever done.

He went to homecoming with Gabby.

Jules (his boss who owned the bakery) lended him something to drive. Even some extra cash for dinner.

He sucked in a breath now... as he hugged himself, curled up in his bed. He felt very grim, as he sank into the memories of that night.

He was so tired and sleepy, yet it was all so dreamy.

But he jerked himself up..before he could let himself go there. He jumped up and looked at the small bed. could they have done such a thing?


The smell of her..was still on the sheets. It smelled of lavender and lemon and of someone with a beautiful confidence.

God, no wonder he's slept so sound that night.

He nursed his bottom lip, before he could let himself turn into a mad man, about this.

Ste wondered if..if Gabby knew..

He squinted hard, not even wanting to let himself admit it.

It was his first time. split him.. in to... like a knife gutting him.

There was one side that was pure happiness. Splendid to know that he could be a part of a physical world, ready for exploration and a need...oh, it was a powerful need that hit him between his legs...

Ste gritted hard and sat down on the bed. He was full of guilt.

He was in a certain pain. What had happened to him? Why was it so..good..and raw..and..

He shook his head, no. He'd waited his life... not to be this person.


He shut his eyes tight.

A knock came to the door.

Ste thought he might choke on his own phlem. Slowly, he got up, wishing something hadn't swollen for the occasion.

Naturally, it was who he thought it would be.

Gabby's smile was genuine and it was so up close and personal. Her hands touched the jaw of his face and brought him down to her.

Did she have nothing to say? Of course, there was no time to speak. Her kiss pressed against his lips until a slither was open, and she took him in...his body and soul.


Katy said...

That was so perfect Hun!

Launna said...

Wow, that was really well written... I felt every word xox