Wednesday, December 13, 2017

another day at the library

another day at the library

"What do you want to know?" Will put another book away, thinking that guy Gabby was seeing didn't want to know anything about the history of this old Nebraska town.

"Oh, I..I would know Gabby best." His voice was quiet as if he didn't want anyone to know he was asking about her.

"How would you know? What did she say?" Will's eyes lit, thinking he didn't need this right now. He was happy with Ivy. They were going places. They had done the holiday route. Christmas drives, caroling, even some Christmas shopping for family. It was bliss, he didn't need to rethink his past with Gabby.

"Nothing." Ste shook his head. "Its just, well..I saw how you looked at her, the day we were at the library..and I just wanted to know..if..if she has a past."

A shiver went through Will, thinking about that night with Ollie showing up and dragging Ivy away. He hardly even remembered Gabby was with Ste at the library.

"She..she'd been in a lot foster homes." Will then said. "Gabby moved in with Macy's family when..when Macy went to England. Gabby, always thought..Macy's mom was getting some..some kind of revenge on Macy..and..and I dunno." Will shrugged. "But..yeah, Gabby's got some issues."

"Issues?" Ste looked at him as if this was important to know.

"I don't want to talk about it." Will then said. He went on with his work. He was glad to be with Ivy now. It felt they were the perfect match.

Ste sighed as if Will was no help. Will really didn't want to help Ste, anyway.

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Katy said...

Poor Ste and Will.