Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Back in the UK

Back in the UK

Where had it all gone wrong?

Holly only had Natalie to rant to these days over her mobile. She knew it wasn't right, but what else was she going to do?

It went all to hell when she found her father in the hospital. She wanted to tell him she knew what a liar he was, but he was hooked up to machines and could barely breathe. It might be the last time she would ever see him.

Or so she thought.

Yes, she might have been the most rotten girl in the world and now she was stuck in this little village where Dustin grew up. And she wasn't at the Uni, either.

All this red tape, or whatever they were calling it these days was holding her life up. They got married in a church. But it was a rather small ceremony, just a few of Dustin's friends. Holly had to be happy they had a place to stay, but it felt so small. She really hadn't waited all her life for something like this to happen.

"I don't hate it." She promised Natalie in a chat. "Its just different."

Dustin was managing the pub nearby. She worked there, too.

"His mum is ready for us to get our own place, too." Holly told her friend. "We're moving in, over the pub on my birthday." Another low blow.

"I'm sure everything will work out." There went good old Natalie's smile over the screen of the phone.

"If only you were here." Holly couldn't quite smile. "How's that Joon boy?"

Natalie laughed as if Holly was as funny as she ever was. "Good." Her smile was so big. "We're both working hard." She talked of the coffee shop and the usual customers from the Uni.

"I knew you would be." Holly did her best not to pout. "And Kramer, what's he up too?"

"Don't see him much. He works at the grocery store now. I've seen him with this Asian guy." Natalie told her.

"You, think he's playing for the other team?" Holly asked.

Natalie made a face, not knowing what she meant.


"I don't think so." Natalie smiled and shook her head.

Holly sighed. Oh, if only she'd stayed there, but then again, she probably wouldn't be a newlywed, either.

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