Thursday, December 7, 2017

around and around we go

around and around we go prt. 1

Xander was certain Joey was drunk at Thanksgiving when he came over with Liv. Naturally, she was the designated driver, but he worried about her, in spite of having Kevin at the house.

It was hard to say how long his new found brother would decide to stay. After all, Xander didn't really know him, but he figured now, Kevin thought he would finally know his own mother through Xander.

Everyone seemed to be a bit peeved with Xander, over the matter.

Dakota decided to take up with Liv, and Sunny was on the phone a lot with a girl named Rosie.

But Ducky helped with the Thanksgiving meal, and it was a nice tradition. Except for Joey, who wanted to put on Sinatra  and dance with everyone.

"What's gotten in to him?" Xander hated to bring him up when he and Ducky were alone.

"Maybe Liv." Ducky smirked. "She might be the one."

Xander tried to laugh too, but Liv was good and honest and so much sweeter than Corina (Joey's latest ex)..did Liv really know what she was in for?

Mid-day on Black Friday, Xander couldn't wait a second longer. He called Joey.

"I really think, you, need AA or something." Xander informed him he knew he was drunk on Thanksgiving. "You, can't keep this up if you want your own family." He told him he was tired of cleaning up his mess, and he better take good care of Liv.

Joey didn't have much to say.

around and around we go prt. 2

Later, Xander stopped over at his Dad's and had leftovers with Simon and his mom. They'd been out shopping in full force.

It was good to have some time with Simon. Of course, their father was at the office, taking care of business. Simon was in a play or maybe it was three. He was even doing local theater. As of yet, Xander hadn't seen any of his productions, but promised he would.

Then they brought up Kevin, wanting to know all about him. His step-mom even offered Kevin the guestroom.

Xander almost smiled, wondering if that was the right thing to do.

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