Wednesday, December 6, 2017

those days are gone

those days are gone

Liv didn't know where she was going now.

Yes, Thanksgiving sparked the beginning of something, perhaps it was the day before. Honestly, Liv wasn't sure she would ever be alone, again.  Joey was certain they were perfect for each other. And she wanted this to be true.

"I dunno what to do." She'd whispered this conversation to her roommate Hal, over the phone. "He thinks he's so s e x y." She told him this much while Joey was still asleep, and she was on the floor at the foot of his bed, wondering how to escape.

She didn't like his room much, anyway. She got the feeling someone was watching her from his closet and could never quite get to sleep, but that hadn't stopped Joey from fancing her.

Oddly, she'd gone years without ever being in this predicament, and now she was.

"Well, is he?" Naturally, Hal was intrigued.

"Just a little." She'd give him that much, but the things he did in bed were just a little off. It was as if he needed a new compass to find her. She knew she didn't really need to talk about it. She quickly dressed and sneaked out to meet up with Hal at the coffee shop. No way could she discuss this in Joey's room.

"You sure, its" Hal reminded her she was a bit peculiar. He knew about the ghost (she thought she was seeing)

"I don't want to believe that." After all, the ghost was letting him have his way with her. "I really don't think she minds." Liv meant about Joey's ghost of a wife.

"Are you sure he ever really married her?" Hal didn't think Joey had good intentions. "I would say, come home, but its a little busy there, too."

"What? What do you mean?" Hal was never lucky in love. Not that she could recall. She scratched the back of her head, in thought. She wanted to be in her room with her things she'd crafted by hand.

"I met someone." Hal started, as he studied his black coffee a little longer, resting his fingers around the mug.

"Met someone? You?" She scrunched a face as if that would be impossible. "What have you done?"

"It's just, he's got a baby." Hal pressed his lips tight. "He needed a place to stay."

"No, you wouldn't have turned my room in a nursery? Did you?" Liv was serious with her glare.

"Not yet." Hal said as he tilted his head with a slight shrug. "Its just Gun needs me, you know."

"Gun?" Liv scowled. "What an awful name? Is the baby's name Pistol?"

And to think she almost told him about Joey falling out of bed. Well, actually, it was a flip, and it was really funny when she thought on it.

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Good stuff! Love this story!