Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Hopes haunt me like ghosts

hopes haunt me like ghosts

Ste did his best to put his happy face on. He had an all right Thanksgiving. Although, he'd never really celebrated it back home and wasn't so sure he believed in it, especially with Black Friday being a headache and a rush at the same time.

The bakery did quite well in sells on the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving. So he was busy. He'd forgot he'd even had a holiday with Macy and her family. Gabby was there, too. She'd behaved, as well. Like, maybe she wasn't that girl he was seeing on Sunday afternoons in his room when she was telling everyone she'd gone to the library.

He felt he was in a talespin of sorts. He couldn't say which way was up with his feelings for Gabby. There was no one to really discuss it with. Heaven knows, he'd never speak to Macy about it, and Jules, who he worked with, had enough on his plate with his young family. He'd just have to get through it, somehow.

Finally, after his cross words with Gabby over his mobile (Well, he didn't think he was being cruel, he'd only asked her a question..that she didn't want to answer). He called Molly straight away, who was back in in the UK.

"Was I harsh, Mol?" He wanted to know as he paced about, thinking he needed to get in the cold to cool off.

"Well, she's your first." Mol started, not really knowing just how much a first... Gabby really was.

"Um, yeah." Ste nursed his bottom lip, thinking this was not at all how he'd wanted it to go. He wanted to court her, he wanted it to be something amazing like that couple from Outlander.. before it got all warped.

"You, just need to spend more time together." Molly told him.

"Really?" He winced a scowl. They would only end up doing one thing, if they were alone. "You mean, with her friends and her folks?"

"Yeah, watch the tele."

"Ah.." He guessed, Gabby being here alone with him, was a very bad idea. "The tele?" That would make all the difference. "I'll just pop around. Her place."

"Yeah, her place." Molly made it sound it was the key to everything. "Do enjoy yourself, now won't you?"

Ste choked on a laugh. If she really knew what she was talking about, made him almost giggle. Of course, she did have a six month old to tend, too.

Finally, he got off the mobile and flung himself on the bed. He really needed to do those breathing exercises Molly talked about. She said they would relax him.

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