Monday, December 4, 2017

It's looking like another storm

it's looking like another storm

Gabby cried for no apparent reason. She was sure it was that stupid teddy bear, Ollie won, that was laying on the pillow of her bed.

Still, it gave her comfort too, and yet she thought she might be coming down with the flu. She hugged it once more thinking of her conversation with Ste.

"Where were you, Black Friday?" Ste's words still flustered her. Of course, he worked all day at the bakery, but he'd text and even called on her infamous Friday with Ollie.

"Guess, my phone was off." The only answer she could give him. She didn't want him to know everything.

She had to remember it was no big deal, but Ste might find something to be furious about, and it would mean it was over.

He'd almost lost it, when he found out she was on birth control.

"He's so old fashioned." She'd told Ollie this much. "I have to do everything, you know."

Ollie had looked at her, as if he didn't know, and she didn't tell him everything. As in, maybe Ste wasn't that good in bed.

But Ste was so hot, as in a mega heater. He gave a whole new meaning to being on fire. And yes, she very well knew what she could do to him. Which did give her a smile. Even now.

She had to be in love with him. She had too. Still, she didn't like someone with 20 questions. Geeze, where did he want her to be? Watching him all day at the bakery?

Now, Ste was giving her the silent treatment. She'd probably have to drop by after work and spend at least a half  hour with him.

Even so, as good as it could get, the cycle would start all over again. He would be cold, emotionally. His body, not so much.

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Katy said...

Can I hug Gabby? Ste, really? Also I want a cuddly teddy bear!!