Friday, December 15, 2017

Have you ever wondered

have you ever wondered

At least, Ollie talked Kramer out of going to the girls' dorm. He knew they might end up in campus police custody. Still, he wasn't sure he wanted to go to the house party, either. After all, the music pulsed, even from the drive way.

He so wanted to back out, but he was cold and quite miserable. After all, he'd just gotten a text from Gabby telling him it was the best Christmas ever. She was watching 'It's a Wonderful Life' with the boyfriend at her house.

Case closed, he figured it would be the last text he would ever get.

"Glad its working out." He texted back. Then sighed, remembering it was fun while it lasted, but he was lonesome as a blue moon. He couldn't find a smile about anything.

So here they were, practically a sauna inside with a pink glow for atmosphere. People were kissing on the couch. Actually, he wondered if they'd accidentally showed up at a lesbian thing. Sure, there were a lot of girls, but they were definitely into each other.

Ollie yawned, wondering if he could make better friends on the Internet than in person. But his throat was so dry. He did need a drink.

Before he knew it, he spit out the red punch. It was laced with Ever Clear. He made a face of disgust, trying to get to the kitchen to find some water. At least, the stoners were out back in lawn chairs sitting around a camp fire.

And he figured, Kramer might be there, as he looked out the patio door, but he didn't think he was among them because he always got loud when their was pot available.

"Who, you looking for?" The voice was practically in his ear. His eyes sprang open.

"Oh, nothing." He finally looked over his shoulder and saw her sweet face. Dark curls framed her beautiful eyes and her smile was so innocent. It took Ollie's breath away. He thought he might fall on the floor. But of course, she caught the weight of him.

"I'm Candace," she said. "But, you can call me Candy."

"Huh." Ollie smiled, unable to even talk.

"Have you been here long?" Candy asked.

"No." He finally managed. Although, he felt so hallow. "I..I need some water."

"You and me both." She went to look in the fridge and she found an unopened bottle of water.

"Maybe we'll be safe in numbers." She told him as she opened it and gave to him to sip.

"Oh, you should .." he wanted to to push the bottle away, but he needed water. "Safe in numbers?"

"I didn't want here..but they say I'm no fun." She shrugged.

"I dunno about that." He grinned.

"Want to dance?" Candy asked after she drank a little from the water bottle and then put it on the kitchen counter.

"I..I don't really dance." Thinking this was more a dream than anything. His luck, he'd wake up on the merry-go-around with some gang breathing down his throat.

"I bet you do." Candy put her arms around his waist. Slowly, he decided to take her lead. Although, he felt like a drogy bear who needed to get off his feet.

"You're so comfy." She told him as she hugged him closer and her face leaned into his chest more. Yes, it was true, she was the perfect fit. She was...

Ollie thought he might lose consciousness, but she was the first to go to asleep.

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ivy said...

Oh, I hope something good happens for Ollie!