Saturday, December 16, 2017

just you and me

just you and me

Gabby was so pleased. Ste was here with some day old rolls for her mother and stayed for dinner. Now they were on the couch together with the old movie playing. She wrapped her arm around his arm, possibly too tight, but he hadn't been against it.

Sure, he talked about Christmas shopping and what it was like where he grew up. She found out he'd lost his parents some time ago, and it was he and his brother who ran the family bakery.

Finally, he told them about Maxie and how Macy worked with them.

"I..I guess I thought they would marry." He almost looked happy and then he wasn't. "I guess I thought my brother had changed."

But he didn't say much more.

"I'm glad you're here." She told him now. "You make me, so happy."

He almost smiled too, but she knew he wanted to say something, but didn't. Maybe it was bad to have someone make you happy. Especially, when you couldn't be happy on your own.

"You' are a good person." Gabby then mentioned, but the noise of the TV probably drowned out her voice. "Thank you."

He only nodded.

She wondered if he was in love with Macy. Still.

She hugged his arm more tightly. Finally, he withdrew. And she was beginning to feel his coldness, but he put his arm behind her, resting his arm on her shoulder. She leaned in more. Thinking this could be enough. Couldn't it?

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Katy said...

They are such a cute couple, just as cute as the set!