Sunday, December 17, 2017

There will be bells ringing...

there will be bells ringing

Sunny thought Christmas came early this year. He'd asked Rosie to the Freshman dance, and she was the perfect holiday surprise.

Really, he thought they were the best couple at the small dance in the cafeteria. It wasn't even in the gym. But there was lots of food and drink and of course, music.

Thankfully, it was on stereo. No live band. And the music was festive, lots of pop Christmas tunes mixed in with the latest songs from Why Can't We and New Hope Club.

It was a time for smiles and taking in the Christmas atmosphere. Suddenly, like an epiphany it came to him. They were a couple. And he felt all was right with the world. Still, he felt fragile but the more they danced to the slow songs he was gaining strength.

"I..I you." He said after the slowest pop tune that was just a Barry Manilow cover. He looked at her blankly, thinking how could he have said REALLY three times?

She held in a laugh.

"I you too." She smiled.

His smile was open and she took the invitation to kiss him. He fell into her because he was light headed which made the kiss more contagious. Was he shivering or just happiness? He'd go for the latter.

They kissed til his lips burned. Maybe he was getting good at this, or just trying to keep up with her lust and dance of passion.

He was certain the music stopped, but to his surprise when he awoke to reality, the music was in full throttle and everyone danced around them.

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