Saturday, December 9, 2017

the sounds of silence

the sounds of silence

Omaha hadn't meant to be on the outs with Taylor, but they'd grown apart, as of late and there was only Ed to help him out with the smoked turkeys.

Yes, he'd smoked three turkeys the night before Thanksgiving. He left the sides to whom ever. He'd smoked the biggest one for Betty's bunch.

"I could have done it myself." Ed told Omaha that Betty didn't trust her.

"No, you just wanted that fifty dollar bill she handed me." Omaha shrugged it off. He didn't need any new friends, but Ed ended up sleeping in a lawn chair next to him, all bundled up.

So Omaha had plenty of time to tell Ed all about Taylor.

"I don't think we were best friends, to begin with." Omaha decided over a couple cans of beer. "I mean, he didn't even think I would get the job he'd told me to apply for. I guess. I mean after all, I was seeing some girl he used to be engaged, too. He says, he doesn't hold that against me..but I don't know. He was pretty upset that we didn't make it to the baby shower."

Ed only nodded, but he never said much.

"You're probably still friends." Ed almost smiled. "He's a father now. You, gotta give him some time."

"I keep calling the kid Conan." Omaha fretted. "I can't remember..what is it.." He squinted hard. "Cohan."

"Sounds like coin to me." Ed smiled.

"Where in the world, did they come up with that name?" Omaha shook his head.

"I'm sure they thought long and hard on it." Ed told him.

"I think he just went along with whatever, Sara said." Omaha knew it was that way. Cause otherwise, Taylor might have been sitting with them on the night before Thanksgiving when the turkeys were smoking.