Sunday, December 10, 2017

moving on

moving on

Taylor was willing to be there for the long haul during the birth of his first child. Granted, Sara was two weeks over due and couldn't wait to be induced. And as much as he thought they would be waiting another day or two for the arrival of their son, it happened about three hours later, with her sitting up, letting gravity do its work.

Then the next day they came home with the little man who slept all day and stayed up all night.

It was Minnie's idea that breast feeding was the way to go. Even the nurses got Sara to nursing the baby. It was the last thing Taylor ever expected. And he was so amazed Sara hadn't been the baby in all of this.

Oh, she was a trooper. He felt more devoted to her than he ever imagined.

By Thanksgiving, they were back in the hospital with Cohan over the matter of digestion issues.

Taylor wasn't quite sure what that meant.

"He hasn't pooed!" Sara was at her wits end. She was so distress. So was Taylor. They spent Thanksgiving day in the hospital and the next. Finally, by Sunday they had him on formula, and he was finally gaining weight instead of losing weight.

The holidays were looking rather bleak and all Sara wanted to do was hibernate in bed and let Minnie do the rest.

"But, she's got two of her own." Taylor found himself being bitter with Sara. He had to go back to work, but he did his best when he was home to take on Cohan to give Minnie a break.

At this point, he was certain they should be the ones living in the basement, instead of Minnie and Josh and their family.

"This is suppose to be a happy time." Taylor told Josh, but with lack of sleep and trying to be his best on the job, he felt terminally ill.

"Can you ask for a vacation or something?" Josh said he needed a break or he would be good to no one.

"Its a new job." A job that took him sometimes all the way to Minnesota. He was an exterminator now. He did have weekends off. He'd have to manage somehow. At least he'd taken the classes to be certified before the baby got here.

He didn't want to be mad with Sara. He was thankful to have Minnie and Josh, but being a father was somewhat exhausting.