Sunday, February 18, 2018

a little known fact

a little known fact

Ivy couldn't let go of the idea that it should have happened already. That thing she wanted to do with Will.

Maybe next weekend. 'Next time WE go out'. But it wasn't feasible. It wasn't going to happen with Will.

Yes, he was affectionate. He could hold her til the cows came home. Especially, comforting on a cold night in front of the TV in his parents livingroom or even hers. But she wanted more. She envied Joon so much.

"I dunno why you are in such a hurry to grow up." Joon told her she best enjoy these sweet moments with Will her senior year because it would all change once she started at the University.

She didn't quite believe him. She'd still be at home. Will would be at home. Oh, they might as well be old maids in comfortable shoes and a slumming wardrobe. They were never going to take their relationship to the next level.

"'re with Natalie now." Ivy was so excited for them. She couldn't wait to check out their apartment.

Joon shook his head.

"We aren't nearly as romantic as you think we are." He said they'd been tired since day one. Lately, they'd been cooking together, but he did most of the prep work while she stirred what was in the skillet. "There is more life than just s e x."

He would say that. He was saying it for her benefit. No doubt.

Yes, a part of her even wondered now, what it would have been like, if she was still with Ollie. Would it be a full blown relationship? She knew she shouldn't think on it, but she was.

Although, he was so far gone with that freshman now. It was as if she'd turned that little toad into a prince.

Everyone seemed to be happier than her. Well, almost. Ivy knew Simon wasn't happy about it. Especially, about his once girlfriend going out with Ollie.

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