Friday, March 2, 2018

life on repeat

Vada watched Alo, all morning in the kitchen, go back and forth from one phone call to the next, after he got off his call from Dustin, that awoke him about five in the morning.

She knew it was serious. She wasn't sure how serious.

He mentioned something about Holly having a baby. Naturally, Vada asked who's Holly?

She warmed up the house with fresh muffins. It was then she thought of Joey who was having a baby with Liv. If that wasn't enough, Josie was having another baby.

Of course, Vada was in the thick of a semester with spring break to look forward, too. Of course, she knew that meant more studying. She didn't have a social life. Perhaps, no life at all. This was the first time she'd baked anything in ages.

She'd planned most of the holidays what she wanted to make for gifts and gatherings, but it didn't pan out. She'd been busy with volunteering at the women's shelter and the like. All, she really wanted to do was rest. Maybe travel with Alo.

Alo was busy too. She didn't know how he did it, but he was a mover and shaker, evidently at the university for all the foreign exchange students.

"Well, I think it'll work." Alo smiled about the Dustin and Holly situation. "If he'll help out with some of the classes he's already taken, then I'm pretty sure the University will take him." He didn't say anything about Dustin's wife.

"What about Holly?" Vada hoped she wouldn't be separated from him.

"We've got them on the student housing list, already. They were hoping she might be up to be assisting, as well, with the agriculture staff. There is a bit of fieldwork in late spring and summer. But they won't pressure her." Alo nodded.

Vada was so proud of her husband. She loved how he could get so much done, to help other people. Still, Vada felt a little selfish these days. She didn't have time for friends. It was such a lonesome road, getting an education. She hadn't even made any friends at class. She'd tried so hard to get a degree, but there didn't seem to be an end in sight. What if it never happened?

"It'll be good to see them," Vada said, when he told her Dustin would be teaching summer school at the University in organic gardening. "But, I think I'd like to take the summer off." It was time to reevaluate where she was going into the future and to enjoy married life.

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