Saturday, March 3, 2018

a sudden urge

a sudden urge

Simon went to the bathroom and threw up as soon as he heard the news about his mother's pregnancy.

"Is she insane!" He wanted to say first thing, but he was mute, and he couldn't stand the thought of it actually being true. So all he knew to do was to throw up on cue.

Yes, he did a lot of throwing up. It was like an artform now. It happened before his moment on stage. After his scene was done in a play. Sometimes, test did this to him, too. It felt natural now, and he felt he'd adapted well. No, it wasn't something he spoke of. Why should he?

"I don't believe its my father's baby." He told Xander later when everything simmered down and his mom already left his brother's house.

"Really?" Xander looked at him as if he wanted to know more. As if everything hinged on the revelation that Simon knew.

"I saw her with Kevin, at Christmas." Simon was sure he should have said it with more feeling, but sometimes after he threw up, he would have headaches, and he had a headache at the moment.

Xander looked at him as if he might fall over and faint.

Simon patted him on the back. They were truly brothers. Somehow, they would have to take care of the situation.

"You know, she won't take care of it." Simon thought aloud, thinking of his own younger days with a nanny and daycare. He felt untouchable. Always had. Not that he'd spoke of it, nor would he. It was like that, and he didn't want anyone else he might be related too, to go through the same thing. "You, you should just tell her, you''ll adopt it."

Xander nodded as if Simon might be his conscience. After all, Simon's parents would soon be divorced. His mom couldn't wait to get away.

Still, Simon felt his body wavier. His stomach was empty. He'd have to fight for his strength, or he might collapse.

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