Sunday, March 11, 2018

spring beginnings

Omaha hated work now. It just wasn't the same after Sheena quit.

"But, but we see each other all the time," she didn't see the problem. In fact, she loved her new job.  She was never tired now.

She loved to cook new things, like shrimp and seafood, that Omaha never heard of. It was like being in a whole different other world.

At the moment she was crunching on a carrot while sauteing shrimp on the stove. He hugged himself, wishing for  a can of Ranch Style beans and fresh flour tortillas with some shredded cheese and of course, jalapenos and onion.

She shook the skillet and turned over the pink shrimp.

Omaha made a face of disgust, but knew he had to snap out of it.

"Which reminds me, ask Beth if she's free next Friday night." She looked over her shoulder as he was reaching for a beer in the fridge."

"Beth, in marketing?" He winced. "Why?"

"I need to set Kevin up, I said I would." She shrugged.

"Beth?" Omaha couldn't imagine her going out with someone like Kevin, who Sheena worked with. Omaha only met him once and he had no personality at all, or at least Omaha imagined. "Beth, deserves better." Omaha told Sheena.

"Wait?" Now Sheena squinted back at Omaha. "Kevin's nice."

"She'd want some one more than nice." Omaha frowned as he took a sip of beer.

"Maybe, I should set you two up." Sheena smiled, saying Kevin and Omaha should go out for darts, some night.


"You, need to get to know him." Sheena said while she got the instant rice ready for the shrimp and vegetables.

"I don't think so." Omaha was in no need to find a new friend after Taylor moved away. It was enough having to chat with Ed, ever so often while shoveling snow. He shook his head, but agreed to asking Beth if she was free for some Friday night dinner.

"But you know, we're no matchmakers." After all, they weren't even officially engaged. How could they act the married couple for singles, ready for the dating game?

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