Friday, April 13, 2018

home again

Dustin hugged Holly. It had been a while since he'd seen that genuine smile of hers. He used to think it sad how she was around her father, but Dustin could see now Holly had had a miserable childhood. He wanted her to be happy and here they were in their new apartment. Holly's best friend lived just down the hall.

"Are you sure we're not too close to Natalie?" He whispered in her ear and a giggle gave way.

"No, she's just where I need her." Holly smiled. "Will you miss your Mom?" She then asked.

"Oh, I dunno. We're used to living apart you know." He smiled back and kissed the side of her neck.

"I didn't mean to ask for so much, but I missed my friends," Holly told him as they got situated on their new sofa. It wasn't exactly, but it was what they could find down at the student thrift store. "After all, I only thought it would be a visit in England." She shrugged. "But, I'm glad we got married and I'm glad your mom was there."

"Yeah, it worked out well." Dustin nodded. "I can't say I would really want to live there."

It was true, their home was here at the university with all their friends. True, he felt a little sad feeling this way, but it did feel like home. It was good to see the people he'd missed from his classes. Finally, he felt they could move on.

He cuddled her close. He didn't want to think to hard about the future. He wanted to enjoy right now.

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