Thursday, April 12, 2018

Don't be a wallflower

"Natalie is gonna figure it out." This much Kramer knew. He didn't know why Joon couldn't come clean about the Bom chick he knew in Seoul.

"I just think, she'll be disgusted and she'll hate me," Joon said with his head down as if it would all end soon with Natalie.

"Look, you two need to have more arguments." Kramer shook his head as he looked for men's grooming stuff in the drugstore aisle at the grocery store where he worked. "I bet you two have never had a fight."

Joon looked over his shoulder at him a bit alarmed. "I'd never." He said under his breath.

"I don't mean arm wrestling." Kramer walked on, wondering where all the stuff was for black men. He thought there was way too many white people stuff here, but it wasn't the time to discuss his predicament. He needed hair care products. "You have to talk. And sometimes, you have to talk about stuff you don't want too. Like this girl, you've been with."

Joon rolled his eyes, with a slight fret. He stared at something to cover the gray for white folks.

"It's like taking off a band-aid, do it quick before it's too late." Kramer finally found the Afro-sheen. Maybe he was in the right aisle, after all.

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