Monday, April 2, 2018

it's like this

Dole wasn't sure how to read his brother. But he looked upset. Maybe let down.

Dole thought it best to remain low-key about his new-found sibling. He knew he would never ask anything of Joon.

"What's wrong? Is it me?" He wanted to know after the Easter party, and Winnie was off in their room breastfeeding Bella.

Joon only winced and moved on to take on the trash. Dole followed, even if it were out in the cold.

"What happened?" Dole wanted to know.

"It's mom got remarried." Joon shrugged but didn't hurry back in. It was as if he had more to say, but not in the house.

"Oh." Dole nodded shivering in his cardigan.

"It's not even that, exactly." Joon sighed as he pressed his lips tight. "A girl...I dated is now my sister."

"Were you close?" Dole squinted trying to understand where the trouble was.

"Um, I guess." Joon turned from him. It looked as if he might be sick, but they took a walk down the street.

It has snowed a little, but it wasn't sticking. Still, the wind made it dreadful.

Joon began to talk of Bom. He'd met her when he was studying for a civil service test. Actually, she was no more than a drinking buddy, but they'd had more than a one night stand.

"See, I knew then. It wouldn't be possible to even think of ever marrying Ivy." Joon looked as if he was beating himself up, about it.

"But, she's so young. And you're in your twenties." Dole reminded him it was going to be OK. Joon was with Natalie.

Joon shook his head. "I don't want to tell her about Bom." Joon nursed his bottom lip.

"If you're with someone, you're going to tell them things they might not want to hear, but..but you hear them out," Dole told him. "Winnie was engaged with this guy for like two years before it was over. I got to hear all about their ups and downs. I didn't always like it, but I had to wait for her figure things out."

"Don't-" Joon looked at him then. "Don't you think she's kind of mean to you?"

"That's Winnie." Dole shrugged. He was used to it.

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