Tuesday, April 24, 2018

let it go

Gabby was glad Prom was all about her friends, not about Ste.

She was afraid he would be stoic and never say a word, but before she knew it, he was out there dancing like a fool. It filled her with laughter.

Possibly, it wouldn't have happened if it hadn't been for Ollie and Valentina. She didn't think it possible to find such joy in others.

And she was OK, seeing Ivy and Will together. She was certain it would melt her to pieces and she'd be sitting on the cold commode in the restroom crying her eyes out, but that didn't happen.

It felt as if they'd leaped into something nostalgic. Dancing about as if their best friends got married and they were all happy about it.

Of course, Prom was not a wedding and yet somehow the celebration felt life-changing. Maybe she was truly Ste's girl, after all. She liked the weight of his hand in hers. It was as if a certain strength was growing. Or maybe she wanted to be more like Ollie and Valentina who did have the charm of enjoying each other's company. Gabby wanted that too.

"Oh, you were so James Bond, out there." She told Ste.

"Really?" He said he wasn't trying to be.

They laughed long after the prom. It was not a night of fooling around. Actually, they'd stayed up most of it with friends. It was good to catch up, talking about plans for the summer and the fall.

"Did you see Bree?" Ivy asked.

"Was she there?" Gabby asked that night, wondering if they should have brought her with her ex-boyfriend there.

"I heard she went to New York City," Wren spoke up. Even Simon looked surprised to know. "Her dad moved back, and she wanted to see her mother's family."

Gabby wanted to when that happened, but she didn't ask. She felt bad that she hadn't thought of her old friend sooner, yet she felt they'd always been old enemies.

"I hope Connor's with her," Gabby said.

"Me too." Finally, something she and Ivy agreed on. It was true. The best thing that ever happened to Bree was Connor. Gabby was certain Connor needed Bree just a much. She hoped they were together and happy.

Finally, she was thinking about someone else, instead of herself.

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Launna said...

Ellie, I missed you so much... I am so sorry I dropped off the blogging world just like that and didn't say anything... life was difficult and I couldn't even do that much... I am finally back to writing and it feels good... I am slowly trying to catch up with everyone, it will take some time...

How is Henry, it's terrible, I can't remember her name and their sweet baby... I so have to get caught up with you...

I hope you are doing well, have a great week xox