Thursday, April 26, 2018

so it goes

Winnie listened to Ivy's talk of Prom. How everyone dressed up.

"Everyone looked so much older. Lots of backless dresses, you know." Ivy smiled. "Did you ever go to prom?"

Ivy held baby Bella and the baby was happy with her.

Winnie felt sure she could count on Ivy now if she and Dole ever went out.

"It was always a lot different than I expected." She winced a smile, thinking she definitely over thought those times. "My boyfriend broke up with me."

"You didn't go with Dole?" Ivy looked blankly at her.

"Oh, he was such a nerd then." Winnie smiled. Happy, she'd gotten him to ditch the glasses before he got a real job.

Ivy smiled as if she'd liked to have seen that.

"I'm glad Joon found his brother," Ivy told her. "Its great you guys moved in with us."

It sounded as if it were a miracle or something. Winnie only nodded.

"You, we're going to marry Joon?" Winnie still found the old custom shocking.

"I doubted it would ever happen," Ivy said her parents weren't like that. "We still wanted to help Joon." Ivy said he was like a big brother to her.

"Yeah, you're family has helped out a lot." Winnie agreed. She felt safe now as if maybe she could go on with life. She was thankful Dole found a job. She hoped it worked out. Maybe she was happy with Dole, after all.

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