Friday, April 27, 2018

a day like today

Oh, the wedding was coming. Macy guessed she was ready. It was like pulling teeth to get Gabby situated with her dress and shoes for the occasion. Actually, Macy did more work on her sister's outfit than her own.

She'd done her best not to think about Ste and the chances of the baby being his, instead of his dead brother's. She shook the thought that she'd been wrong. She kept telling herself it was best to keep it this way.

After all, Ste was with her sister and they seemed happy. Yet, sometimes, she wasn't quite sure. Gabby had been out of sorts for most of the winter, but it looked as if things were warming up for her after prom. Hopefully, Ste was the best boyfriend for Gabby.

Honestly, she hadn't cared much about it, until now. She knew Ste needed family too, and she was probably the only family he actually had. Still, she knew she should be thinking of Draco (who she was marrying and already living with) instead of Ste.

Yet, it came back to the threat this was making her sick. She was forgetting to eat. Her mother noticed.

"Aren't you suppose to be the happy bride?" Her mother told her she looked so depressed. "You and Gabby both."

"What's wrong with Gabby?" Macy thought she was happy now. Of course, Macy said she was happy too. "Its just, a wedding takes a lot out of you." She'd decided. Even if it was on the cheap side, she was OK with this.

Now just to get through the wedding.

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