Saturday, April 28, 2018

One little thing after another

Ste worked hard to get the sugar cookies ready, they were dressed up like tea bags for the reception after Macy and Draco's wedding. It was going to be a tea party.

The only problem, Ste was in the wedding so he couldn't help set up for the party. Thankfully, Valentina and Ollie were to the rescue.

"Are you sure you can handle it?" At least Jules wouldn't have to come to work on the weekend.

"We can handle it." Valentina's smile was reassuring, but Ste wasn't so sure about her boyfriend, Ollie.

"What do you see in him, anyway?" Ste was curious and couldn't help but ask. He thought Ollie was a goof-off and probably not up to no good. Maybe, he could see even a little bit of himself in the teen with the shaggy hair.

"Oh, he makes me laugh." She chuckled. "I like watching him, seeing what he'll do next." She shrugged as she on to pack the cookies for the wedding, there at the bakery.

"I just think he likes showing off for you," Ste told her as he put more of the cookies away.

"It hasn't always been that way. He tried for a good long while to hate me, but I couldn't let that happen." She kept busy with the food prep of sweet treats. "He just needed someone on his side. And I always wanted to be on his side, cause deep down I trusted him."

Ste sighed wondering if he really trusted Gabby completely. He wanted too. He wondered if she trusted him. Had it ever crossed her mind?

He looked over to Valentina. He thought she was way too young to be so wise.

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