Sunday, April 29, 2018

Don't stop me now

Drew was still in shock that Draco wanted him in his wedding.

"How do you even remember me?" Drew had winced when Draco approached him the Campus Coffee shop a few weeks ago.

"Cause, you were my best friend in first grade and protected me from all those preschool girls." Draco smiled as if Drew was after all the fighter of the two.

They'd had a lot of catching up to do then. In fact, years of catching up. And they both worked at the University.

Drew told him about his adventure in California. Draco mentioned he didn't last long in L.A. either. He mentioned he'd lived in Florida for awhile. He even had a daughter in elementary school.

Drew shook his head. Unbelievable.

"No kids. Still single." Drew was certain no one could put up with him, but his mother who'd adopted him when he wasn't quite two. She lived in Denver now. However, she'd kept the house here and that's where he lived.

"I noticed your parents sold their house. Are they still together?" Drew remembered Draco's dad was a police officer.

"Well, my dad had a stroke, then a lot of mini-strokes," Draco told him his dad was in a memory unit now and his mom lived with a friend.

It was sad to hear, but Draco had some good news too. He was getting married.

"How about being my best man." Draco smiled giving Drew a slap on the shoulder. Draco's closest colleague would be out of town.

"Sure." Drew would roll with it. He'd expected his oldest friend to have lots of buddies. Drew had lost touch with lots of old friends too. His Sunday afternoon was free.

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