Wednesday, May 23, 2018

how it appears

Omaha remembered how it used to be when he and Sheena were first together. They cooked, they talked and walked together in everything. Now he wondered if the newness had worn off.

Still, they bought a house together. They were moving forward, weren't they? He felt troubled about it now. Especially, when she spoke of Kevin every day. It was like he was her work husband and she cared more about him.

Maybe he was just being jealous, but it seemed she was wanting him to be Kevin's best friend. And Omaha hated it.

"So what's troubling you the most?" Vada wanted to know. It was an unlikely conversation to have with his first love, but they'd accidentally met while grocery shopping and decided to try the bubble tea at the new Chinese place close by.

"Everything," Omaha said. She almost laughed at him.

"You were always so serious." She remembered. "It was always hard to know if..if you really liked me." She recalled the summer they were at camp together. She told him she always thought he would have ended up living off the land. "Who knew you'd be so domesticated."

Omaha swelled a frown, thinking Vada was no help at all.

"Look, maybe you two need another couple to hang out with." Her smile was open. "Even a married couple."

"We know married couples." He winced a frown. He didn't think it would help. "It's just if I could find someone for this Kevin to meet..then...she wouldn't be so involved with him."

Vada crossed her arms. "Maybe, Alo knows someone." Vada wanted to know if Omaha smoked ribs, anymore. He said he did. He looked at her blankly.

"I'll ask around." She sighed. "Still, it would be best if this guy found someone on his own." She mentioned online dating.

"Well, from what I hear. I guess his dad set him up a lot with rich girls and he didn't like it."

"Maybe, he doesn't need a rich girl. Maybe, he's not so bad, after all." Vada told him.

"I dunno." Omaha wished he could get past this.

"You two should be thinking about, you know, tying the knot." She told him she and Alo got married in the wood of Colorado. "And we didn't even have anyone officiate."

"Really?" Omaha smiled he liked that idea, but he doubted Sheena would go for it.

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