Tuesday, May 22, 2018

what to do after graduation

Will scratched the back of his neck and winced. He really didn't like looking Valentina in the eye. For a second he thought she still might have a crush on him. He hadn't expected to see her at the library while he was shelving books.

He turned to put another biography away. Didn't she know there was a graduation to get through?

"Then, what are you going to do?" She smiled. "The library is closed Memorial day weekend? You and Ivy could come with us to Adventureland."

He knew she was serious, but he just didn't want to go. Yet, he knew Ivy would buy him about this. He asked who was going and she told him it was Ollie's idea.

Will winced. Wasn't Ollie his arch nemesis? Wasn't he in love with Will's girlfriend Ivy at one time?

"And you trust him?"

Valentina nodded. There would be two adults going, Ollie's dad and foster mom.

Will almost smiled. An amusement park was kid's stuff. He was graduating from high school. Just then the new shelver Evan asked, "Can anybody come?"

"Uh, I guess." Valentina was slow to say.

Evan told her he'd ask his boyfriend if he could come.

She nodded. Will sighed as if this was just too much. Of course, he hadn't thought of anything romantic to do with Ivy. His luck Evan was a big romantic and would have a much more exciting getaway.

Finally, Valentina left when he told her he would think about it.

"I think we're back together." Will then heard Evan say.

"Huh?" Will looked at him.

"Sawyer," Evan told him that Sawyer came to visit him. "Still not sure we're on the same page."

Evan pushed his book cart toward the Fiction section. He turned to Will, "Maybe I could just come along with you guys without him." He told Will he'd lived here most of his life and never went to Adventureland.

Will nodded. He'd never gone either. Maybe it was a good time to go.

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