Wednesday, May 16, 2018

its a brand new day

Tiffany swore she was in labor for three days! She didn't think she'd ever have this baby. Of course, having her sister Brit around was no help. Why couldn't people leave her alone? This was her own battle, people needed to understand this was a private matter.

Also, she was sure Gordy couldn't understand just how much she enjoyed cursing. Yes, it was vice she'd done her best to keep to herself until now.

Of course, he was so kind-hearted. He was there to endure every step of the way, even if he was tired from school and working on the house. She didn't know why he loved her so much.

Near the end she remembered she was having his baby.

It was a girl.

She didn't know why this shocked her. Initially, she hadn't wanted to know, figuring it would be a boy since Gordy had a brother (she'd never met).

They'd never really settled on a name, especially for a girl.

"We should name her after your mother," he said as he held the baby girl.

"What?" She shook her head, no. "Betty?"

"No, Elisabeth." He corrected.

Still, Tiffany didn't like it. Of course, she didn't like her own name either.

He mentioned the possibilities of the variations of names like Lizzie and Beth.

She finally gave in. After all, she'd named Brick herself. She smiled about it now. Still, she couldn't come to terms of telling her own son that he was like having a brick. Honestly, she'd never been the same since, but here she was a mother again.

Hopefully, she knew more this time.

She remembered how her mother took care of Brick, long nights and fussy days. She couldn't be a burden this time. After all, she did have her own family now.

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