Tuesday, May 15, 2018

life goes on

Mother's day was full of sweet surprises. Betty was delighted to see Julie and Irwin and the new baby.

True, Julie was hoping the baby would come after the last day of school, but Betty could see they were all managing fine. It was a genuine happiness and Betty felt Julie was one of her daughters. It was good to see Julie and her brother Dewey together, talking about his summer plans and having his girlfriend Angie with him who held up the infant girl, as if she might be a true aunt.

There was so much catching up to do. Brit and her husband finally found their own house. Tiffany, Betty's oldest was still the pregnant one, but her husband Gordy and along with her son Brick waited on her at every move. Betty tried her best not to control anything.

It was in her nature, she decided. Although none of them would want to hear about her life before they were born, she'd been subjected to plenty of drama from one family to the next, decades ago. Still, this was her bunch and everyone accepted the bruises and problems that came with it.

Ed grilled hamburgers and hot dogs. His son Ollie helped too. The men stayed outside most of the day. After lunch, the girls went out with her to plant flowers in the front yard.

"Oh, mom, we do this every year." Tiffany frowned, pushing on her lower back as if this was all too much.

"But, its a tradition. I like planting flowers with you girls." Betty told her she'd done the same with her family when she was young. Long before she thought she would even be where she'd be now. Back when her home was in Des Moines.

Still, Tiffany would have nothing to do with it. She didn't know those people. "I thought you hated them, anyway." Her daughter looked in pain and Betty told her this was not the time to bring it up. And she was right.

Tiffany was in labor.

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