Wednesday, May 30, 2018

off we go

Sawyer wasn't expecting to load up in a mini-van for this road trip. And guess who was there? Angie and her new beau.

Sawyer winced hard. Of course, Evan was as relaxed as he ever was.

"Who are these people?" He didn't know them. Evan told him he worked with Will who brought his girlfriend Ivy. Everywhere Sawyer turned, he noticed they were the odd men out. They were the only gay couple. He did his best not to overreact. After all, someone was driving and paying for the gas.

Seriously, he so needed a job. Things were getting stranger by the day with his brother. Naturally, his brother said he was busy at work. No time for grocery shopping, yet he wasn't lending Sawyer his debit card and his dad hadn't sent him money since he didn't know when. It was Evan who paid for the Adventureland ticket.

Sawyer's stomach was already growling. Evan gave him a Slim Jim.

"Got anything else?" Sawyer looked at the wrapped sausage, a little disgusted. It wasn't his favorite snacks.

"I've got nuts and some apples." Evan looked at him blankly. Sawyer swelled a frown.

Angie brought blueberry muffins. She even had hot coffee in a thermos. Sawyer smiled and gladly took the breakfast. Of course, she didn't have any cream for the coffee.

"But, but you know I like cream in my coffee." He gazed at her, as if how could she forget.

She swelled a frown and looked over at her boyfriend Dewey.

"We, drink it black," Dewey told him.

Sawyer said nothing but devoured the muffin and wished he could have another, but he didn't ask. Soon enough he went to sleep on Evan's shoulder.

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