Sunday, May 13, 2018

oh, a sunny day

Ellie knew the girls weren't old enough to make her breakfast for Mother's day. Still, it was fun in the kitchen making blueberry pancakes. The girls certainly helped. Before it was over it was a sticky mess and they showered and changed just to realize that it was lunchtime.

Ellie sighed with a smile. "You two can't be hungry again, can you?" She'd braided their hair and they were in summertime dresses.

"We just want to go out," Zoe told her and Chloe nodded as if whatever her older sister said was right.

"Then we'll go to the park." This meant getting the trusty backpack ready with all sorts of things they might need, like sunscreen, bug spray, even something for those owies at the slide or swing. It wouldn't be a far walk. Still, she made sandwiches and packed some fruit and veg along with water and even a box fruit juice or two.

Of course, as soon as they got out the door, someone wanted to be held. Ellie shook her head, no.

"You'll be fine. Let's see how far we can get before you ask me again." She told Chloe as she held her hand. Zoe lead the way. She was the usually the stubborn one, but today she'd been extra nice, giving Ellie the homemade Mother's day card.

Truly, Ellie was thankful to have the two girls, her ex-husband was too busy to make a fuss. They'd gone there separate ways. Oddly, she thought of him less and less. She didn't think it would be that way. However, she didn't miss the drama. Still, she felt a little selfish, wondering if they missed him.

A lump of emotion lodged in her throat. For a second she wondered what she was doing. As if she'd lost complete focus and could easily be vulnerable. She held on to Chloe's hand, thinking she should give in and lug her all the way to the park, but Chloe hadn't fussed.

Suddenly, Zoe stopped in her tracks. And pointed.

"What?" Ellie winced into the sunlight. They'd made it to the park and she'd forgotten her shades.

"It's him," Zoe said. "The best man. At the wedding."

"Oh," Ellie's voice was small, unsure if they should bother him. He was with his dog. "Just, just go play." She told her.

Ellie hadn't expected Drew to have such a big dog.

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